Sunday, 26 February 2017

                                                              Tribute to a great teacher!
Betty Rumohr, was one of my first teachers and I will always remember that wonderful smile. She was a kind person and was passionate about teaching as she was about us all learning to the best of our ability. She taught in both the Esther Country School and the Esther Town School. The Esther Town School was originally Excelda School and when it closed because of small attendance and its location, it was in the middle of a pasture close to where my Dad grew up. I will always remember Betty, she was the only teacher I ever had that consistently called me Ronald, it is my name but most called me Ron.


  1. Oh, such memories! Fantastic. I guess it was a teacher thing. Mine called me Christopher, where as everyone knew simply as Chris. Well my mom used my full name too, on occasion, when she was a little unhappy with something I did. Okay, it was a teacher and mom thing.


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