Thursday, 2 February 2017

Growing up in a small community, there was always music in the air. In the family and house I grew up in, my Dad played several musical instruments and we all participated in band and or music lessons. I recall going to Esther, Loverna and New Brigden to dances with my parents and there were always local bands playing. The above photo is a group of gentlemen from the Sibbald area in the early 1900's who entertained the folks in the community whenever they got a chance to. I believe Marguerite Wilson's Grandpa is one of the members of this band.

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  1. Another nice memory Ron!
    My grandpa was very musical and always played a variety of instruments that he'd taught himself to play. I always remember him playing when I was a kid...he had a thing to go around his neck to hold his harmonica so he could play the accordian also.


Olive Parks, my Mom, she was about 3 or 4 in this photo. It would have been taken at my Grandparents farm south of Esther in the Hudson He...