Wednesday, 3 May 2017

                                                  Hauling the whole grain elevator.
In October of 1925, the UGG Grain Company opened a recently constructed grain elevator in New Brigden, Alberta. The first elevator manager was W.A. Holmes. In 1928 a second elevator was constructed in New Brigden by the AWP. As time went on, millions of bushels of grain were bought, sold and loaded on boxcars at these two elevators. Eventually, the railroad company decided to shut down the rail line and these elevators along with others along the Bigger Line were closed. The original UGG elevator which had been purchased by AWP was torn down in 1982. The picture above shows the Original AWP elevator traveling on the highway, in 1984, heading towards Consort, Alberta to its second home.


  1. It is surprising how few elevators are left these days.

  2. That would have been a sight to see!

  3. Know an old farmer who moved an elevator like that to his farm yard. Just to keep in practice, he recently moved a good sized house to his property in a similar way.


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