Tuesday, 9 May 2017

                                                       New Brigden Train Station.
In 1925 The CNR, a crown corporation made up of two bankrupt railroad companies, Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk Railway, began laying track from Loverna west to Hanna, Alberta. By 1926 it had reached New Brigden and continued west to Hemaruka, It ended there and never did continue on to Hanna. The new found wealth of a railroad brought many services to New Brigden that helped the residents build their new community. Grain elevators, hardware store, grocery store, restaurant and other businesses popped up in the community. The community flourished with a school, community hall, curling rink and skating rink and in later years a joint venture between New Brigden, Esther and Sedalia built a curling rink with two sheets of artificial ice. Today, the curling rink and school and new community hall are still open and the hub of activity. The New Brigden Drama Club has for many years taken advantage of the incredibly talented people in New Brigden and surrounding communities, putting on Musical Plays that are second to none in this province. I went to high school in New Brigden, played baseball there and participated in some of the Drama Club productions and I have so many wonderful memories of this tiny little prairie town.

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