Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I have traveled up and down Highway 43 many times with work and when I lived in Peace River. I have driven underneath this trestle many times but never thought much about it. Late last fall, in November on a trip to and from High Level, we stopped and snapped this photo of the Rochfort Trestle Bridge, it is the longest wood trestle in North America, it is 736 meters long, and 33.5 meters tall. The bridge was built in 1914, over the Paddle River, two short portions of the bridge have been replaced by steel and it is periodically used by CN. You can park on the hill on the west side and get a great view of the bridge, in 1914 it was a huge undertaking to construct a structure of this size and intricacy.


  1. It is an impressive sight.

  2. I saw this for the first time earlier this is indeed impressive to see.


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