Sunday, 19 February 2017

                                                                       Calthorpe Siding
In the early years, there was a railroad siding about a mile and a half east of where my farm was, called Calthorpe. It was halfway between Esther and Loverna. For some reason, AWP decided in 1928 to build a grain elevator at this siding. The picture shows a couple old timers loading a box car with pails before the elevator was built. In 1938 it became apparent that there was no need for this elevator so it was torn down board by board and hauled to Mayerthorpe, Alberta and reconstructed.


  1. That's a long way to haul elevator boards! I drove through Mayerthorpe yesterday.

    1. Especially in 1938, I doubt the roads were very good back then and the railroad ended north of Hanna.


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