Monday, 13 February 2017

Traveling around Alberta and Saskatchewan we often find stately old Hotels that were built in the early years and portions of them are still in use, one of them being the Hotel in Sibbald, Alberta. In the early 20's Henry Muhlbach came to the Sibbald area and being a Stonemason he constructed the Sibbald Hotel. The building is still standing and the lower portion is still being used as a bar. His son later moved to the Esther area onto a homestead and during the mid 30's the crops were so bad and business was terrible because of the Great Depression the farm and the hotel were sold and the family moved further north to the Botha area. The Hotel has seen many owners since then but is still standing proud as the day it was built. I have just received information from a local resident, the hotel or bar are no longer open. 


  1. Would sell my soul to get inside. An associate of an associate claims to know the owner. Might be worth a visit!

  2. I understand the owner lives in Calgary.


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