Friday, 25 August 2017

In 1982 the CNR railroad was dismantled from Coleville, Sk. to Sedalia, Ab. There were mountains of railroad ties piled in various locations. Some of them were in very good condition and selected to be shipped to Los Angeles to be used for landscaping. I was commissioned to haul these ties to a central location so they could be sorted and graded to be shipped to their appropriate destinations. It was a lot of hard work bundling and loading the ties so they would stay on the trailer, being oddly sized they didn't always want to stay in place.
The photo above is the last load of variously sized ties that I loaded and removed from the stock pile in Hoosier Sk.


  1. Ron, so nice to have you back. So enjoy your posts and hadn't seen any in some time. We still see piles of ties from time to time, stacked neatly, along side long abandoned rail lines. Presumably they were forgotten about and there they sit.

    1. I have had a busy summer and the blogs have been far and few between, hopefully I can get back to a regular schedule again.

  2. Interesting where things end up. We bought some old ties for our yard and I love how they look.


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