Saturday, 4 March 2017

                                                       The Old and the New.
For many years the small hall served as a gathering place for dances, foul suppers, Christmas concerts, and weddings. In 1956 the Esther Community decided it was time to build a new community hall. A community hall board was formed and Frank Pratt was elected President and Raymond Cartwright was elected secretary. With donations from various clubs and private investments, the project went ahead as planned. In 1958 the Grand Opening was held with a turkey supper and dance to follow. In 1959, materials for a hardwood floor was ordered and with a lot of hard work from community volunteers, the floor was laid. A ladies bathroom was also installed at the south end of the hall just off the stage, it was a wee tad chilly in the winter time but was better than going to the outdoor facilities. The first wedding dance held in the new hall was that of May and Bob Bamber in June of 1960. 1969 was the year Disking was first introduced to the community and is still active today. Disking is similar to floor curling. In 1974, it was decided that the community would build an addition to accommodate the upcoming Homecoming in 1975. A kitchen, coatroom and two bathrooms with running water was constructed. In 1983, 84 and 85 the interior of the Hall was completely renovated with new suspended ceiling and new walls and furnaces, the original building was heated with two coal stoves, one at each end. Similar to other small communities, it takes a lot of local volunteer time to keep these buildings operating and this one is still going, Good Job Esther.

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  1. Good job for sure. I am hoping to visit Esther this summer, it's on my list.


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