Friday, 27 January 2017

My Dad bought this old snow plane and he and Frank Pratt hunted coyotes in this contraption. I remember as a kid riding in it, it was incredibly noisy but it went like the wind. Dad used it in the winter time to get from the farm to town as the roads back then were not good in the winter and there were no Special Area plows then, just local snow plow clubs. I had to remind him in later years when I bought my first snow machine that his snow plane was kind of like a snow machine As our Dads hunted coyotes together so did Murray and I hunt coyotes together when we got our first snow machines.
I am amazed at the ingenuity of my Dad when it came to McGivering things together and making them work.


  1. Your dad was a very clever guy... it looks like it was fun way to get around.

  2. What a beast! What eventually happened to it? Please say it still exists somewhere. I picture it languishing away in some farm yard back forty where all the old metal goes.

  3. I remember Dad selling it because Mom figured it was to dangerous to have around as I got older and was probably going to take it for a run one day. I have no idea who he sold it to or where it went.


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