Saturday, 28 January 2017

In 1966 and 67 I lived and worked in Medicine Hat, my new found friends and I were always looking for things to do. It seemed one of our favorite places to hang out and give the car-hops a bad time was at the good old Dog & Suds. The burgers and hotdogs were great and the sodas of many varieties were always cold and tasty.
Dog & Suds began in 1953 in Illinois, then in the 1970’s they had expanded into Canada. Their slogan was “World’s Creamiest Root Beer” served in frosted mugs.

The one in Medicine Hat was the place to go in the evenings, there would be rag top cars and music playing and everyone hanging out and having a great time. It is unfortunate that we don’t have cool places like this today where everyone can go and just have fun while they have a snack and a pop.


  1. Spent my teenage years hanging out a similar place in Kentucky...driving a '63 Plymouth Valiant with push button I was not... but oh I loved that car.

  2. You can stil buy their root beer. Great stuff.


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