Monday, 23 January 2017

In 1911 the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway surveyed the route of their branch line from Bigger, Sk. to Hemaruka, Ab. In 1912 the grade for the railroad was constructed to Loverna and the following summer the steel arrived. Along with the railroad arriving in the area the town of Loverna sprang up with restaurants, a Chinese laundry, a poolroom and a lumber yard. It was a grand celebration the day the steel was completed to Loverna, people were invited to drive some of the Last Spikes as Loverna was the last station in Saskatchewan. That night homesteaders from near and far gathered in the pool hall and danced and celebrated. The line was completed on to Hemaruka, Alberta in 1924.


  1. Nice bit of history. Love reading these posts.

  2. Loverna is such a sad town today. I've seen photos from the old days and you could see, it held so much promise. I was there last summer and ended up being so overwhelmed by the place that I didn't realize I had my camera set wrong and ended up ruining most of my pics.


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