Monday, 10 April 2017

As I travel in north central Alberta I have noticed many old homes and barns with dovetail log construction and then covered with a coating that is a mud and straw mixture. I notice that often times the coating has partially fallen off but due to the dovetail construction of the actual building, they still stand straight and tall. I can only imagine the many hours of work that was involved in the precision cuts with not so precision tools, that it takes to construct these homes and barns. I have a great admiration for our pioneers in their talents when it comes to building construction. There are massive barns and homes constructed on the prairies without the aid of all the mechanical lifts we have available to us today.


  1. I marvel in the skill and dedication required to construct those log buildings. No many in my part of the world, here in Calgary and area, unless you head to the mountains. Out on the treeless plains, well of course, there's nothing. Always love heading up your way Ron, so I can get a log building fix. I love them.

  2. I am definitely more appreciative of what the pioneers did since I started exploring and reading and learning more about the places I've seen myself or from others photos and blogs. Great stuff.


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